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Photo is "Door in Lofou detail Bronze knocker" by George M. Groutas and is used subject to license.









































































































































































































































































































































































Oblate Family & Friends Picnic with the Monks
April 14, 2019
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

By Wednesday April 10 please RSVP if you are staying for lunch at the family picnic - Everyone is welcome.

RSVP by clicking the image below. If you come to the picnic please bring your favorite special dish to share, and please let everyone know what you are bringing -- See below for how that is possible in our modern age.

Step 1. Click the image of Saint Mary Magdalene below to RSVP. You can edit and revise your RSVP once you are on the RSVP page.

Step 2. After you RSVP by clicking on the above image, then please visit Perfect Potluck to tell what dish you will bring and/or how you will help with the picnic set up and clean up.

The Perfect Potluck link should take you directly to the abbey's picnic page, just "Take" the item you want to bring or how to help.

If you are not taken directly to the abbey's picnic page by the above link you will need to search for the abbey's picnic page from the home page of Perfect Potluck. The "coordinator last name" is ABBEY. The "password" is 547. You DO NOT type in the "Admin Password."


Revised April 11, 2019 to add rehearsal:

Sunday April 14, 2019:

10:00 am Mass

11:30 am Sunday, April 14, REHEARSAL in Abbey Church if you are becoming a novice oblate or making your final oblation

12:00 pm Novice and final oblation ceremonies - Abbey church

1:00 pm Oblate Family & Friends Picnic with the monks



The picture of Saint Mary Magdalene is a detail from the Burne-Jones mosaic in the apse of St Paul's within the Walls in Rome. The picture is by Fr Lawrence Lew, O.P. and is used subject to license.